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STREAMERS by David Rabe
Center Repertory Theatre
Tom Fulton, Director

Scene Magazine - Archie Rothman
STREAMERS: Unflinchingly honest
..."not in my ten years in Cleveland have I seen a better acted, better presented and better directed play... perfect cast -- a fast-moving, nail-biting, edge-of-seat night of unforgettable drama.


...You must see this one. I'm even tempted to make this guarantee: If you don't think STREAMERS is the gutsiest, bravest, most gripping and truthful show you've ever seen I'll personally will refund your admission price. . . GO: you won't be sorry."

Bradley Boyer as Richie

The Sun Newspapers - Jackie Demaline
Provocative opener puts Centerep at top of its class
"Streamers" is a gut-wrenching drama, a theatrical experience that assaults your senses and leaves you emotionally battered. It's Center Repertory Theatre's opening show, and it's a knockout.

...Director Thomas Fulton Jr. has found humor in the first act and emphasizes it, keeping up the pace as the many loose ends are introduced. They knot together in the second act and Fulton lets the power and emotion surge forth.

.. ."Streamers" makes a statement not only as an individual drama but also as an artistic commitment by Center Repertory Theatre. A professional company willing to put itself on the line with a controversial, shattering drama as a season opener is going to nice to have around.

WERE Radio - Cecilia Evans
"Streamers" . . . is a poignant, brutal work.. . Forlorn, atonal music establishes the mood of a macabre, nightmare and "Streamers" builds inevitably to its bloody and agonizing climax. . . . It's an important human document, sensitively directed. . ."

Dan Whitner as Roger

High Gear - R. Woodward
Great Acting, Great Direction; "STREAMERS" - A Knockout
David Rabe's play Streamers as being currently presented by Center Repertory Theatre is one of the most alive live theatre presentations that you will ever have a chance to see anywhere.

Far from blunting an any way, David Rabe's play at Centerep turns it on the audience full blast. It's almost impossible to imagine this play being given a better or more powerful production. Not only do the direction and individual performances show exceptional insight and control, the productions also shows that someone almost unbelievably exacting in casting it.

. . . The final and by no means faintest plaudit here must go to the director Thomas Q. Fulton, Jr. Streamers is an extremely difficulty play . . .That this production is so seamless, has such an overwhelming central thrust can only indicate that one of the strongest of directorial minds is in control.



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