The story of our life,
our family,
and our farm.

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Hilltop Farm has been our home for over 40 years. Sometimes it has been our 'Home Away From Home', but we have always returned to it for quiet, solace, peace and family. It has been the center of our lives and continues to bring us great joy in our retirement. That's us: "Pop" (Hiram) on the left and "Boo" (Merrily) on the right.

We bought the farm in 1958. At the time, it was a ramshackle farm house with nothing but a rolling pasture behind it. We set to work fixing up the house and, at the same time, we built a small structure back about 1/4 mile back - away from the road - a small one-room cabin, we call "The Summer House". Our first task was to dig a pond for swimming, fishing and simple contemplation. The Summer House has been our party center and joy for all these years.

We like the pond so much, that later on we dug another one out behind the barn. Today, we have two swans, and 6 ducks, which "live here". Our pond is also a temporary home to any number of Canadian Geese, who seem to have no idea that Swans and Geese are natural enemies. They all seem to get along quite well.