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The Cleveland Theatre Company
June 24 - July 30, 1994
Directed by Wayne Turney & Tom Fulton


"Thrilling, Outstanding Performances..."

"A Grand Pleasure!"

"Thrilling, outstanding performances... A wonderfully lucid, and at times thrilling production.  Anyone will want to see the performance more than once.

Fulton's Lear... clutched every magic word of Shakespeare's and delivered it on target.  Turney... played the fool with understated perfection.  Perotta, blade-like and crazy, sang her part with electric zeal.. Anthony Walsh - a true highlight.  Cordelia (Michelle Tucker) was played beautifully"
Michael Drexler, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Fulton's ability to convey the old king's array of emotions is an artistic triumph... An earnest and impassioned production of Shakespeare's classic... For Fulton's portrayal of this great tragic figure, I could easily sit through the production again.

Wayne S. Turney's mellifluous voice infuses Shakespeare's language with poetry and resonance and... makes him the perfect fool. Laura Perotta is excellent!... Great spectical... Fine performances by Anthony Walsh, Mark Mayo and Mitchell Fields... Thunder, lightning rock the stage.. Bloody... Grotesque... Great Theatre."
Fran Heller, The Cleveland Jewish News

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