LAMANCHA - Letter to Cast
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A few kind words from the audience who saw our show

". . .I had never seen the show before, nor had I read Don Quixote, so I went in not knowing the story. I had always loved Impossible Dream, but it wasn’t until seeing you, that I understood the context of the song. It is not the testosterone filled Robert Goulet image I had always had, but rather the childlike, virtuous, idealistic, vision that you portrayed. In fact, your ability to become the purest form of the character was amazing. You were never, for a second, out of character, or if you were, it was never apparent to the audience. You weren’t reciting lines, you were him, with all of his wonderful delusions.

Even more amazing, was your ability to become three distinctly different people, with such smooth and believable transitions. When you changed, you brought everyone along immediately. It wasn’t as if Cervantes was playing Quixote, it was an instantaneous transition.

But what stays with me is the look of total innocence and ignorance of all that is bad in the world. Childlike is the only word I can think of. The way it showed in your eyes, your voice, and your demeanor. . . .Thank you for a wonderful evening."

". . .Unfortunately I didnt meet you the night we saw the show. Maybe it's a good thing, because I too was choked up and probably wouldnt have been able to express myself.

But I can tell you that now, with the passage of time, that your performance still resonates with me. In my mind's eye I often recall the attitude, the nuances, the actions you brought to that production to make it come alive. I saw the original production on Broadway many years ago. Please believe me when I tell you that your production was so much more meaningful. For Sternfeld and company to squeeze that big panoramic setting onto your tiny stage was an act of genius. But the overwhelming impression I came away with that night was how you were able to make Don Quixote live and breathe. You created an evening of magic for me and for that I will forever be grateful. . ."

". . .Definitely touched my soul, and that of the others in the audience last night.. . ."
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