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Dad, Ann, Janet, Joan, Jane, Bob, Mom, Tom Jr., Grandma Stewart - circa 1970

Sarah Wegener (granddaughter) with Dad and a nice bass

Tom Fulton, Jr.
To tell too much is to tell too little. 
Only that...

I loved him,
I loved my time with him,
I found joy in his pleasure,
I found solace in his embrace

I knew when he was proud, 
I knew when he was afraid, 
I knew, like him, the peace of Ahmic,

I know I will miss him always.

The rest is silence...

Kathy Hardesty (Tom Jr.'s Wife)
"Hi Honey", he rasped as I stood by his bedside in the SICU....I kissed his head and he squeezed my hand... so grateful to see him once
more while he was still conscious and not in pain.
He had touched the hearts of all the doctors and staff of the unit.

Everyone was pulling for him. It was as if something bigger than the life of this one man was at stake. No surpise there... he had a way of reminding people of their own value and goodness. To be around Tom was to feel a little bit better about most everything. Cynicism didn't stand a chance in his presence.

He welcomed and embraced me and my daughters as if we had always been a valued part of his family. And what a family it is...

I miss him. My heart hurts to see Tommy looking so bewildered. To him the world somehow doesn't seem real without his father in it. I wish he knew that all he needs to do to find him is to look in a mirror.

And he called me Honey...

Zipitty Hoop! Zipitty Hoop! Siss Boom Bah! The Cedars! The Cedars! Rah!
Rah! Rah

Meghan Johnson (Granddaughter)

Although I didn't know him very well, I will miss him a lot. Every time I saw him, he always had a smile on his face. He was one of the happiest persons I knew. That is what I will remember about him the most.

Besides all that, he was my grandpa: and the ceders won't be the same w/out him. But I also know that this isn't the end. I strongly believe that life doesn't end after death. His soul with live on and I'm sure that where ever he is, he's happy. And I'm sure we'll see him again some day.
love, Meghan
Bill and Nancy Fulton  (Tom's Cousins)
Tom and I and Ted Carleton sort of grew up together, more like brothers than cousins, due entirely to Sundays at Grandfather and Grandmother Fulton's at Lake Lucerne and 2-week vacations there each summer.

I still remember the summer we caught (and killed) a 5-foot blacksnake,which we proudly showed to Grandfather! He was furious, and quickly informed us that blacksnakes were non-poisonous and a good friend of farmers and others living in rural homes since they kept the property free of mice! He did, however, take a picture of us with the snake dangling between the 3 of us.

I had seen Tom this summer when the 4 local male Fulton cousins got together for a friendly breakfast. He told me about the upcoming surgery and seemed very encouraged about it.

We heard from John, after a recent vist, that Tom was sitting up in bed, and felt good and looked good! So it was a shock when Dave called this past week to say Tom had died.

He was truly one of the GOOD ones and we all will miss him! Love, Bill
Allison Elwell (Kathy's Sister)
Dear Tom,
As of course you know, Doug, Scott, and I came late in knowing your dad. My first meeting with him was at The Cedars and I'm glad it was for the two have been inextricably linked in my mind ever since.

Further acquaintance has led me to know how deeply The Cedars are woven into the tapestry of your family history and your very special relationshiop with your dad.

Reading through the many entries in your dad's guestbook I'm struck over and over again by how consistent are the sentiments...your dad was a man who loved life and loved people and most of all loved his family. It was a pleasure and a privilege to know him.

Tommy, watching you deal so graciously and stoically with the past difficult times I've thought over and over again that you are indeed your father's son. Our family has been immeasurably enriched by your grace and wit and warmth, and these things are so completely a remembrance of Tom Sr.

Our most heartfelt condolences to your mom and the rest of your family. I know how keenly you are feeling this loss. Your dad was a truly lovely man.
Claudia Strong Fulton
I am writing to express my deepest sympathy to you and your family. Uncle Tom had sucha generous spirit that extended to those well beyond him. He always expressed interest in our boys and their activities. My dad loved being a part of the Flton clan when the men went to Ahmic in early June--a special group at a special place.

I know he will be deeply missed...
Claudia is Dave Fulton, Jr.'s wife
Rev. Donald Grauer
Dear Marty, Tom, Janet, Joan, Ann, Jane, Bob and Families,

Brenda and I extend to you our deepest and profoundest sympathy on Tom's death on the 2nd. I learned of his passing on Friday and ws deeply saddened by the loss of such a fine, decent caring man whom Brenda and I have known and admired and respected over the past 22 years. He was valiant in life and noble in his death. Tom truly did "fight the good fight" up to his end--and you there beside him all the way.

Tom and all of you have been--and remain--in my thoughts, heart and prayers. Your grief--anticipated for so long--is now actualized--and painful to the core of your being. Brenda and I share your loss. We celebrate Tom's life even as we mourn his death.

An "era" has closed. Tom Fulton, Sr. was "good people"--"great people."

I will treasure the memories I have of Tom in so many ways: as our most helpful and capable mortgage banker and broker; as Valley's Church Treasurer and member of Session; as a stalwart member of the Men's Thursday Prayer Breakfast Fellowship; as a fellow Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow; as a fellow Civil War history buff who tramped around the Gettysburg and Antietam battlefields in April, 1988 and in April, 1993.

When I think of a good, godly Christian man, Thomas Quayle Fulton, Sr. is my paradigm. God bless him, and God bless and comfort all of you.

Ever in Christ, Don Grauer
Don was former pastor of the Valley Presbyterian Church

Don Behrens (and Joan)
Dear Marty;
I came in to get my e-mail two days ago and can not tell you how terribly I felt when I read of Tom's passing. While it was not a shock I thought that Tom would fool us all and pull out of this thing. I am just so sad for myself, you and all of your family. 

I don't think you know what Lake Lucerne/Bainbridge/Chagrin/Valley Presbyterian and even the Kenston Bombers not to mention our best friends, The Fultons meant to us. Being the sentilmentalist that I am I can remember so many, many things I did with Tom and you too that will last with me forever. What fun we had. How good we were for each other. I could go on forever. I am so very sad.

I have tried to get you on the phone for two days but it has been busy. I shall continue after I send this out to tell you that I cannot make the service. We are having a major family time at Martha's
house in New Canaan on Thanksgiving week end. All of our children and families and Linda (eighteen in all) will be there for the week end. Getting from New Canaan to Kennedy will be quite a job. I do hope you understand.

I'll say this. Stay where you are. Some day we'll be out to Bainbridge to see you. I can't say when but we'll do it. In the meantime we shall be in touch with each other.

Joan is fine. Maybe she slips an inch or so every two or three months. She is still so nice and easy to live with. God treated me okay. He gave me her for fifty super years. (1952) Now is payback time and I'm glad to have the job.

I will surely miss knowing that Tom is no longer here. Selfishly I'd like to get him back. But someday - maybe someday if I make it I'll get to see him in a better place.
Don Behrens (and Joan) who as you remember were our next door neighbors and dear friends in Lake Lucerne.We have been in touch with them for years and we are their only friends that they have kept in touch with outside of the Boston area.

Sharlyne and Michael Duffy
I'm sitting here, after reading Tom's last hours... tears are running down my face. I can picture his warm smile...he was a special man.We loved him too! I wish we didnt live so far away.. i am sorry we missed out on spending time with him. This is a very nice site....thanks for sharing all this! I loved seeing the pictures...kind of like catching up"

We are so sorry for your loss!! Love, shar

May time soften the pain until all that remains is the comfort of memories...
and the love, always the love.

I know we haven't seen you both for such a long time but you do remain close in our hearts. Tom was a very special friend and we will miss him, too.
Love and prayers,
(Shar is an artist who painted a beautiful version of the picture of Tom in the fishing boat on the home page of this memorial site.
I feel very blessed to have accepted a summer job working for the Fultons in 1978. I had very little experience in the cooking field but with Marty's well planned menus and recipes it became much easier.

Since fish was such a staple of the breakfast menu Tom (in his words),taught me everything about cooking it just right. Tom had very simple tastes and I fondly remember making him his chocolate pudding (with the skin on top) which he so enjoyed. I looked forward with anticipation to the beginning of summer and times spent with the Fulton clan.

It was mentioned that I should write a book about The Fultons because I got to spend time with them all. If I did the book would have to titled "It's just a cottage". Tom mentioned that a time or two, but that cottage was always filled with life, love, laughter and family.

Tom's love for family was enduring and he was always saddened as each departed after their summer vacations. I always enjoyed the chats with Tom on the dock and that wonderful engaging smile of his. When talking with Tom you always felt he knew and understood everything you were trying to say.

I moved on to other things in the year 2000 but always looked forward to having The Fultons drop in to see me whenever they were in "The Mag" and especially if they needed an ice-cream cone.

My thoughts and prayers are with Marty and all the family, I love you loads - Susan

Nancy Woodruff (nee Raaflaub)
Magnetawan, On. Canada
My very best friend Susan(Fraser) told me of this website and suggested I see what a wonderful tribute it was to Tom.

Since my father, Willard Raaflaub, owned the Marina in Magnetawan for many years I had the job of pumping gas for many cottagers.
My memories of Tom are the same as many others of a smiling, friendly, polite, 'gentleman'.

When Susan and I went into business together in 2000 the only shadow over it was that she would not be able to continue with the Fultons.Since that time I have had the pleasure of sharing in her joy, and your family's friendliness, whenever the Fulton's arrived at Ahmic.

My parents add their condolences to mine and we pray that God, who is the source of all of our strength, will wrap His arms around you and you will feel His comfort.

Doug and Dorothy Stockdale
The Tom Fulton Family
It is with a sad heart that I sis down to write you this letter. I received word about Tom's death from my niece, Mary Vernon, who had received and e-mail from David asking her to inform me. Susan Fraser phoned and talked to Dorothy. She said, "I knew Tom was a friend of Doug." (What a wonderful compliment..)

We had a great visit this past summer. We laughed and joked about past memories and people. We knew each other well in our teen-age years. I realized that it was a struggle for him--getting in and out of the boat--But Tom was a Fighter. Ahmic Lake will miss him

"To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die."

Doug is a member of the family that owned Cedar Croft, a fabulous family camp that the Fultons visited from the 1930's on. Doug was the social director who was the caller at the square dances and judge of the costume promenade, among other things. Tom's father bought "The Cedars" cottage from the camp when the owners retired.

The Luong Children
Dear Mrs. Fulton and Family,
Mr. Fulton was a man of his time and also our savior. We can't help but think about how we've come such a long way to be where we are

It seems just like yesterday but, in reality, it all started about thirty and a half years ago in the peaceful suburban town called Chagrin Falls in the beautiful state of Ohio. We were the children of a Vietnamese family that, led by our great
father, was fleeing the communist regime during the fall of Saigon in the early spring of 1975. Come the summer of the same year, we were settled in Chagrin Falls through the philanthropic sponsorship by the Valley Presbyterian Church. Our new lives had just begun.

The serene town, the solemn local church, the aroma of some distant blossoms, the gentle warm summer breeze, and the sound of chirping
sparrows were all those unforgettable memories of the first days of our lives in the free land. Yet, the dearest image that has long been deeply
implanted in our hearts is always that of Mrs. Marty Fulton and her late husband.

Joined by the other members of the Valley Presbyterian Church, Mr. and Mrs. Fulton constantly gave our family unending support, both material and spiritual, in their tremendous efforts of providing us with the best welfare possible during the first phase of our lives in America. Mr. and Mrs. Fulton were always nearby to ease our pains of the past so we could
be on our feet and move forward in the new direction. We are grateful to these great individuals for our well-being and would not have made it so far without them. Our family lived in this town for a couple of years, a short yet memorable time. It was the two years of full upbringing, schooling, learning and adapting ourselves to the American culture, re-establishing all that was lost, and starting anew.

But, most of all, it was the time of realizing the true meaning of love that could only come
from God.

We, the Luong children, cherish these meaningful early moments of our lives as the most precious picture in our hearts now and forever. Although the course of life has separated us from our benefactor, that longtime picture will never and ever blur of fade away in our minds. We pray that Almighty God bless Mr. Fulton for the great man once showed us what love was.


Dad, Bill Althans, Mom, The Duffy's, The Zieglers

Joe DeRose
I had the good fortune of meeting Tom in September, 1990 when he hired me to work for him at Fulton Financial. Tom was the first person to give me the opportunity to work in the mortgage business. It didn't take long for me to realize that not only his wealth of experience, but his ever-present, upbeat nature made working with Tom a pleasure. As I got to know Tom better, I no longer considered him my boss, but my mentor. Who could ask for better!

Over the last ten years, I had the opportunity to make many trips up to Canada with Tom. Wow, what fun that was being with him! Tom had so many life-experiences to share, I could talk with him for hours, and did. And if you weren't talking with him, there was a good chance you'd hear him singing. What a delight he was to be around.

I've got a stack of memories of Tom that will last a lifetime, but one in particular was a gorgeous fall afternoon when Tom and I were out fishing.
The backdrop of the colored leaves was stunning and the lake couldn't have been quieter or more still. (No, we weren't catching any fish...sound
familiar?). Well, Tom began singing as he often did, and I remember thinking to myself "savor this moment, because it's special," as I
thoroughly enjoyed the company of a wonderful friend in a spectacular setting. Canada brought sheer joy to Tom. You could just see how he
delighted in being on Ahmic Lake. I'll really miss seeing that joy in him.

A lot of superlatives can be used to describe Tom, but for me, the essence of my friend can best be described by the simple pharse, "to know him was to love him."

Bill Ziegler
Dear Marty....
Tom's death is very sad, but none of us wanted him to live if the rest of his life would not be a full one, as it always was.   What a wonderful person he was, as you, the rest of his family, and all his  friends knew so well.  I will try to give you a few of my  thoughts, as follows:

  • Always upbeat.....never anything wrong, even though that was not always true.
  • Extremely friendly...toward friends, or those he didn't really know.
  • Very intellegent....as his success in schools, and other endeavers in his life.attest.
  • A great athlete...........even at golf, which he seldom played, but was good.
  • A lover, which I'm sure you know so well, and also the "string" of girls he enumerated in his autobiographical notes.
  • A true leader, as we can see from all the leadership positions he held during his life
  • A great outdoorsman (especially fisherman), to which I certainly can attest.
  • A dedicated family man (six children and many grandchildren), all of whom he loved
  • A fine actor and radio personality.
  • Had many, many good friends....all of whom he loved, and vice versa.

I could go on and on, but you know about all of the above.   As you know, Marty, we will all miss him very much.   In particular I will never forget all of those 37 years at  the Cedars on Ahmic Lake, which we enjoyed so much with you, Tom, your family, and some of your friends.   Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you
and your family.

Our love always to you and all the family..............Bill

Lindy Bryson
Dearest Fulton Family,one and all,

I have the wonderful privilege of singing with Marty in The Ensemble at The Federated Church, but I first really met Tom through my dad, Don Chester, at Rotary. His SMILE!! And so gracious....always! What I remeber most was the time my dad was very sick and housebound and Tom called to make sure I had Daddy listen to 91.5 one Wednesday morning. Daddy had an old radio and it was tricky getting it tuned in to the station but we fiddled with the antenna and got tuned in just in time for us to hear..."and this one is for my friend, Don Chester. Get well, Don!" And soon we heard the old familiar..."Ac...CENT..uate the positive, E...LIM..inate the negative..." Daddy was so touched!! In the midst of his own roller coaster ride with health issues Tom was always thinking of others. We are all forever enriched by his life here on earth. Bob joins me in sending love and heartfelt sympathy to each of you. Tom's light was too bright. It can never be extinguished!

PS We were at the Thursday night performance of "South Pacific" which Tom,Jr, dedicated to his wonderful dad. It was absolutely wonderful! I feel certain that your dad saw it, Tom!

Jim and Doris Sprong
My thoughts are with you as you face the loss of Tom. I admired you both so much for the positive way you faced his health problems. He was an outstanding person, and he will be missed by so many. You are fortunate to have such a fine family to support you. My prayers are with you. (Doris)

Although I've known Tom for only about 20 to 25 years, I can't think of very many people I'd enlist in my all-time most-favorite friends list, but Tom is one that quickly comes to mind. I so enjoyed talking to him about the tribulations of our sometimes out-of-control society, schools, churches, athletic teams, politicians, and through it all never a hateful, vindictive or intolerable word. His cheerful things-will-get-better attitude were very welcome and uplifting to me. And, if he was that way with me, he must have been that way with you and your girls and boys.

While you will miss him very much, you'll have many fond memories of your life together, and that is the joy you will carry with you to God's great home in the sky. Grief is great now, but it will wane; the joy of your life with Tom never will. God bless you, Marty; you and Tom will live in my memory, too. Love, (Jim)
Sandi Sommers
My dear Friend,
How can I tell you of the sorrow in my heart? How do I tell you of the sadness that has wrapped itself around me? I cannot know your sorrow but I have experienced your relief that the one you so love is finally released from the pain and struggle. Please know, dear friend, that my heart is with you, my arms are around you, and my love reaches out to you.
My prayers are yours,
Much love,
(Sandi is one of the irrepressible altos in the Ensemble--a joy to know)
Linda King
Dear Tom Fulton, Jr., and Fulton Family,
Although I never met your father, I have had the privilege of friendship with your sister, Janet, and asked her permission to visit your website when she told me of it. It is a beautiful tribute to your dad, just as each of his children and grandchildren are.

Having lost my dad also, my heart goes out to you, and especially this first holiday season with him only in your hearts, rather than your home. What a special remembrance this website is, and will continue to be, for all those who loved your dad. Thank you for sharing this moving tribute.
Jim Miedema
Cribbage - an unusual game I've only played at Ahmic, and I've never been to Ahmic without having played Cribbage. Every year, Tom would
re-explain how the game is played. Then we would play a few open hands, and then play for real. Tom always patiently offered encouragement, and even pointed out the scoring opportunities I had overlooked. And,
regardless of the outcome, he always offered a hearty "good game!" when we had finished.

Corn Roast - this memory is much more distant for me, as I suppose the tradition began to wind down about the same time I was getting old enough to actually remember events like this. I do remember the rows of corn in the huge garden at that wonderful farmhouse on Chagrin Road. What an amazing home and property! And what an amazing blue streak often escaping
the garden as Tom toiled while he swore at his corn. It seemed that the product of his effort was pretty much destined to be consumed in that one
huge party, which makes the effort itself all the more memorable. I remember more about the corn than I do the party itself, but it seemed to
be quite a bash. I remember a patio and yard full of people, lots of tin troughs with beer and ice (that was the first time I ever saw dry ice, I
think), and a supply of burgers and corn that seemed endless.

Cribbage and Corn Roast. I could think of other memories like fishing, or water skiing, but they would just end up illustrating the same thing -
that he lived the same way he played, or maybe it was vice versa. The important thing seems to be that he never did one without doing the other.

Friends and Colleagues of Tom Jr.
Andrew May
To the entire Fulton Clan,
Please accept my deep-felt condolences in the passing of your husband, father, grandfather, and friend. I have only an utmost respect and awe for his worldly accomplishments and everlasting influence. If my love and regard for Tom Jr. is any barometer of Tom Sr's paternal influence, then you all have been, and will continue to be blessed.
Andrew is Associate Artistic Director of the Great Lakes Theatre Festival

Fred Sternfeld
Tom, My heartfelt condolences go to you and your family. Our time on this earth is so precious, and Tom Sr. certainly led a rich and full life.

This website is an amazing and touching tribute. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Fred is Director of the School of Theatre at Fairmount and a renowned theatre director/producer throughout northeast Ohio.

Randi Sternfeld
Dear Tom,
I know how close you were with your dad and I am very sorry for your loss.

In my own experience dealing with loss I have learned that it makes no difference that your loved one lived a long, productive and fulfilling life. You still wish with all your heart that your loved one was still here with you.

I have also learned that there is no pathway around the pain of loss there is only one way and that is through. I know you have a supportive family and lots of friends to see you through. Please count me among them.

Michael Paller
I don't remember clearly the first time I met Tom, Sr., but it was probably at one of the parties Tom, Jr. held for his 100 or so friends from the Heights Youth Theatre and high school around 1968 or '69.

I certainly don't remember Tom Sr. ever seeming the least put out by the fact that a mob adolescents -- worse, actor-adolescents -- regularly descended on his well-kept lawns like locusts, eating and trampling everything in sight. Indeed, I never knew him to be anything other than welcoming, unceasingly cheerful, endlessly patient. With the unassailable wisdom of all of 16-year-olds, I probably thought he was insane. No sane person, I'm sure I thought, could be this genuinely good. But he was.

I'm sure I doubted his sanity on many mornings in Canada, when, with the air temperature around 50 and the water temperature around 40, my sleep would be disturbed at 8 by the sound of a great splash in the lake.

Then a loud, almost unearthly cry of, "Brrrrissk!" If that wasn't enough to shame us, the next sound we heard was a chorus of, "It's a Wonderful Day Today." Tom, Sr. was bathing. If I hadn't known it before, I knew in those moments that he was a far better man than I.

He opened the cottage on Lake Ahmic to Tom, Jr.'s friends, giving us all a gift beyond measure. Those of us lucky enough to spend time there always came home calmer, nicer and saner. Perhaps it was his connection to that place that made him seem to me, and I'm sure to everyone who knew him, so rooted and generous and good.

As Kathy Hardesty says, "he had a way of reminding people of their own value and goodness." This seemed so natural to him that I suppose some of us quickly came to take it for granted -- that you would see Tom, Sr., and without knowing why, you'd instantly feel better about yourself.

Thinking about it, I see now that it was from this source that Tom, Jr. acquired this most precious gift.

I hadn't seen Tom, Sr. in many years but surely it says something that whenever, down the years, I've thought of Tom, Jr., which is often, I've often been thinking of Tom, Sr., too.

Michael is one of my oldest friends and now serves as Dramaturg for the American Conservatory Theatre in San Fransisco.  Thank you, Michael for that beautiful tribute!
Bill Meckler
What happpens now? Is it heaven or hell? Is it nothing? I asked these questions when my father died, 40 years ago, and the answer I got has comforted me all these years, and I hope it will for us all now.

Tom Fulton will live for as long as there is one person who carries on his values, his loving nature, his joy of life, his sweetness.

And this is will be true even after all of us are gone, for we will pass what he showed us to our children and they to theirs, and on and on and
Tom will live forever.

Shirley Kolenic
I went to your memorial web site -- I can't remember when I've been so touched!
Administrative Director - Fairmount Center
Jerry Sheehan
My sincerest condolences to you and your family.  I know how difficult it has been over the past few months.
Jerry is the grand man who serves as my boss at John Carroll - Thank you for everything, Jerry.
Joe Saponaro
My deepest and heartfelt condolences on the death of your father . . . I know a little bit on how you must be feeling. Our prayers and support are with you and your family.
Joe is president of the board of trustees at Fairmount Center. Many thanks, Joe.
Janet O'Hara
Tom, I'm so sorry for your loss.  I thought about your taking your dad to Canada this summer. What a beautiful memory you will always have.   I am thinking about you and your whole family with love, prayers and caring thoughts. Janet
Scott Plate
I knew Tom Junior before I knew Tom Senior. I remember my first thought when meeting Tom Senior. "His son has his eyes." Those deep brown eyes that were dark and bright at the same time. "A trick of the light," some might say, but we knew better. They were proof of a soul.

Self-knowledge is the highest achievement to which any of us could ever aspire, and Tom Fulton Sr. was a man who knew himself thoroughly. He
still retained, however, the remarkable ability to be delighted, amazed, surprised, tickled--you name it--by everything.

He was a wonderful father. I will always remember his staunch support of Tom Junior during one of the most trying times in his son's life. He believed in Tom at a time Tom wasn't sure he believed in himself. I learned from Tom Senior that a big part of being a parent was to have
faith in one's children.

I learned from his dark-bright eyes what it meant to have faith.
Scott Plate is a fine actor and respected colleague of Tom Jr. - Many Thanks, Scott.

Perry Clark
Dear Fulton Family,
I am saddened by Tom's passing for I will miss him very much. And at the same time I am joyful that his suffering has passed and he resides in the house of the Lord forever.

Tom was truly a great man in every sense. For all his incredible accomplishments, my enduring memory is not those accomplishments but rather how he loved people. When Circle of Hope surrounded him in prayer and song his joy at our presence was apparent and warmed me through and through. He was truly blessed to have had such a loving family and friends and I am blessed to have known him.

With Sincere Condolences...
Rip Jackson
I am so sorry to hear about your dad. He was a great guy! Please know that you and Marty are in my thoughts! I hope to visit you someday. Love, Rip
Melissa Hurst
Dear Tom,
I just got a message from my stepdad, Herb, telling me that your dad has died. I'm so very sorry. As I've mentioned, I adored your dad. And I know how hard it must be to lose him.  My hearfelt condolences to you and your family.

The tribute you created for your dad is almost unbearably beautiful.
John and Nancy Buck
Tom..... Nancy and I just want to express our condolences to you and your family. I only met your parents once, but found them to be warm and welcoming people. You all have our deepest sympathy. John
Mike Guay
Hi Tom, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad Passing away. I know that the two of you were very close and shared a very loving relationship. Recently, (September 6th) my family lost my Grandmother after a 6 month decline. We felt very sad to lose her, but also felt relief that her suffering had come to an end and that she was at peace.

Again, my deepest sympathies about your Dad. Please pass on my thoughts of healing to your family, this of course applies to you as well. Hugs...
Bob Kirshner
Thank you for sharing your wonderful email and website for your father.  I am sorry to hear of your loss - Claudine and I offer our condolences on your loss.  While I did not know your Dad, it has been nice to get to know him through your message and the website. 

Know that your Dad, you, and your family are in our prayers.  I've also added you to our prayer list at church.  

Ubi caritas et amor Deus ibi est.
"Where there is charity and love, there is God."
Hester Lewellen
I was very sorry to hear about your Dad. I remember him vividly as a man of great good humor and lively conversation. Please accept my condolences.
Hester is a theatre colleague of Tom Jr.'s, going back to the mid 1970's.
Ken Zach.
It has been a long time since we saw each other. I believe it was Jane's wedding, where I played in the band at the reception.

First, let me offer my deepest sympathies to you and to your family. My father died last December 6 (age 90), outliving my mother by about 16 years.

There are a lot of things that I could say here and certainly we had a lot of great memories. The Fulton family was like my second home for several summers when I was in early 20's. Remember when you wondered how big my gut would be by age 40 because of my fondness for beer? Believe it or not, I am still relatively slim at age 56, but not quite as firm as I was many years ago.

I remember the piano lessons that I gave to almost every member of your family. I was extremely proud of Ann when she decided to major in music. Little did I know that she would be the only student of mine (of which I am aware) to take that route. I gave up music as a profession about 25 years ago.

Your father was always very nice to me and was certainly supportive of your efforts in the theatre. He had a way of making me feel good to be speaking with him. I am going to sign off, but could you please forward this to the other members of your family?

Barring some emergency, I will see you on November 26
Kevin Adams
We were thinking about your Dad, and
how he used to stand at my door smiling... pointing at me... rubbing  his head and saying "Hey look, I know that guy, he's the guy that goes   the same barber as me"... I know he had one heck of a sense of humor.

I hope you appreciate this quote. It sums up exactly how I feel about living your life and getting everything out of it while you can with
no regrets.

' Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, champagne (or martini) in one hand, chocolate in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and  screaming "WOO HOO - What a Ride!" '

Don't know who wrote or said that, but it's a good one.

Skip Corris
Tom -- My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Asit happens, I am in New Jersey right now for the funeral of my sister, who was also my godmother. How wonderful that your father's family could be around him as his train pulled into the final station.  Be well --
Rachel Applebaum
Hi there, I am so very sorry... he sounds like he was a lovely person.  its good and really quite amazing that you all were able to be with him in the end.  I hope you're ok -- I wish i had a religous quote to sign off with but i don't--its a beautiful time of year and a quiet peaceful time to move on I suppose.

Raj Bahadur
Member of Phoenix Theatre Ensemble in the early 1980's

In recent days, via an internet search for all things Phoenix, I learned of the passing of your father in late 2005. Though some time has elapsed, I trust the memories are no less fresh and the affection no less fond. This is certainly borne out by the encompassing tribute your family has compiled. He was a fine man.

You may be wondering how I came in contact with your dad. It was a cold December day in the early '80s. We had a class scheduled that night at the Civic. Outlines and script pages needed xeroxing, for which you relied on your father's "good offices". Coming from downtown meant that I would be in the vicinity. All I had to do was collect the copies from his secretary and leave.

Late that afternoon, with a hasty departure in mind, I headed over and made myself known. Your dad came bounding out of his office with the sort of genuine warmth you rarely see on a cold December day in downtown Cleveland. For the next ten minutes, we talked about theater, the weather, his son (that would be you), etc. -- topics that would not have been of earth-shattering importance to the casual observer. Which misses the point.

It was the quality of the meeting that stuck, not its length or depth -- a quality established by Mr. Fulton and his affinity for life and people. Surely there are many who came away similarly impressed.

How impressed? I missed the bus uptown, which meant facing a chill wind on Euclid Avenue for the next half hour. And I didn't even notice.

So there you have it. A seemingly inconsequential encounter, but one which left an indelible stamp, so much so that in the retelling, it seems like yesterday. Having been away from Cleveland for almost 22 years now, I miss times like those dearly.


Dad's Last Day Fishing With Joan - July '05

Joan Gangl (Daughter)

You were the first man to ever love me
The first to sweep me off my feet
You were the first man to believe in me
The first to give me kisses sweet

You were my first dancing partner
The first to make my dreams come true
You were the first man to say I'm beautiful
The first strong arms I'd run to

You were the first man to cheer me on
The first hero I ever knew
And because of all you were to me
The first man I gave my heart to.

Thank you Dad for being my first love.

Sarah Wegener (grand daughter)
Over the past couple of weeks I have been reminiscing about the great times I had with my gramps. I thought of a funny story that I think others will enjoy.

When my cousins and I were younger (about 10 years ago)my grandpa would take us up the Cedars without our parents. Just us cousins and Gramps. Adam, Alison, Susan, Gramps, and me were on our way to Canada. At some point along the way, I layed in bubble gum, and it got stuck in my hair.

I was so upset and Adam couldn't seem to stop laughing, which made me even more upset. After Gramps cut the gum out of my hair with his pocket knife, he sprayed Adam with shaving cream. He said that was the end of it, got back in the car, and we continued on our way, without missing a beat.

This story makes me laugh every time I think of it...

One of my favorite memories with my grandpa is going fishing with him. Of course, at the Cedar's. Gramps always knew the best spots to go to get a bite. I never cared if I caught anything big, it was just fun to catch a fish. We'd grab a couple of pops, our worms and leaches, and our poles to head out for an hour or so. (Gramps would have fished all day, but I got bored after a while.) I didn't like to hook my own worms or leaches, so Gramps would always do it for me.

Sometimes he would be so busy hooking my worms, that he wouldn't even get a chance to hook his own. Gramps never seemed to mind. I think he just enjoyed my company on the boat, as much as I enjoyed his. He'd tell me all sorts of stories: war stories, college stories, things about my mom. After I'd had my fill of fishing for the day, we'd head back to the cottage. If there was any keepers (not usually the case) I'd help (or watch) my gramps clean the fish.

While I will never again have the chance to go fishing with my gramps, I know that he will be in the boat with me anytime I go. I love you Gramps, and I always will...

Susan Taylor (granddaughter)
My grandpa loved to tell stories. He could sit and talk forever about his college years, the cedars, his time in the war, stories about my mom and her brothers and sisters. I think that's why he loved history so much.

He was a story teller. A couple years ago in Canada I saw him reading a 900 page book about the civil war and I couldn't imagine why one person could be so interested in the details of a war that happened so long ago. Last year we visited Gettysburg together and he knew more about the area than I even thought possible. He knew everything down to the last detail and he loved to tell you about it. He was a fascinating person.

My grandpa was loved by so many people. I look forward to hearing their stories about his incredible life, and I can't wait to see how many people he actually touched.

Teri Fulton (Bob's Wife)
Tom Fulton was a wonderful father-in-law and I loved him. I would describe my father-in-law as a warm and kind man with a twinkle in his eye. He was easy-going...always singing a song, always happy to be with you. He loved life and he loved his family. My favorite memories of him are at “The Cedars”. That place was magical for us because he made it so.

Dad with grandchildren Blake and Courtney -
(Bob and Teri's Children)

We loved our vacations with him where we started the day with coffee on
the dock, a morning swim (where he would always give me a hard time since
I had to go down the ladder instead of jumping right in) and then a whole
day of boating, lounging on the dock and visiting with the family. Tom was
the BEST grandfather. He patiently took off dozens of fish each day from
Blake’s fishing pole. He played countless games of Rummy and Cribbage with
the kids. You could always count on Grandpa to buy you an ice cream cone
in Magnetawan. Courtney and Blake adored him and he made them feel special and loved.

Tom was a special man and we feel his loss deeply. I am so grateful that he was Bob’s Dad...what a wonderful role model for Bob and what a privilege it was for me to know and love him.

Paul McAllister and Peg Fulton
Dear Martha, When it come to sweet memories, I'll never forget those wonderful weekends we spent each summer at Lake Lucerne with our Cleveland cousins (Dick, Marion and Ted Carleton...Tom, Dave and John...and Bill, Nancy and me.) We thought we were the luckiest kids in the world, and you know, I still believe we were.

As we grew older we drifted apart, but I still feeel the highlights of my childhood were those weekends at Lake Lucerne.

Tom will be missed by a lot of us cousins. With love, Peg

Dad - threading a swivel on his fishing line.

Cathy Fulton Denious
Dear Aunt Martha,
You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am very sorry for your loss.

I have nothing but fond memories of Uncle Tom. He seemed to love life. I will always think of him with a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

I count as a blessing our many Fulton family gatherings throughout my childhood. To see my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins regularly was a point of pride at the time--and now those opportunities I sorely miss.

It seemed to me that you and Uncle Tom led a life full of exciting adventures: raising six children, living on a farm, owning a restaurant, having a foreign exchange student---constant happenings. I am very happy to have been a little tiny part of it all. I will miss Uncle Tom.

My love to you, my cousins and their families.
Cathy is John Fulton's oldest daughter


The Luong Children
Dear Mrs. Fulton and Family,
Mr. Fulton was a man of his time and also our savior. We can't help but think about how we've come such a long way to be where we are today. It seems just like yesterday but, in reality, it all started about thirty and a half years ago in the peaceful suburban town called Chagrin Falls in the beautiful state of Ohio.

We were the children of a Vietnamese family that, led by our great father, was fleeing the communist regime during the fall of Saigon in the early spring of 1975. Come the summer of the same year, we were settled in Chagrin Falls through the philanthropic sponsorship by the Valley Presbyterian Church. Our new lives had just begun.

The serene town, the solemn local church, the aroma of some distant blossoms, the gentle warm summer breeze, and the sound of chirping sparrows were all those unforgettable memories of the first days of our lives in the free land. Yet, the dearest image that has long been deeply implanted in our hearts is always that of Mrs. Marty Fulton and her late husband.

Joined by the other members of the Valley Presbyterian Church, Mr. and Mrs. Fulton constantly gave our family unending support, both material and spiritual, in their tremendous efforts of providing us with the best welfare possible during the first phase of our lives in America.

Mr. and Mrs. Fulton were always nearby to ease our pains of the past so we could be on our feet and move forward in the new direction. We are grateful to these great individuals for our well-being and would not have made it so far without them.

Our family lived in this town for a couple of years, a short yet memorable time. It was the two years of full upbringing, schooling, learning and adapting ourselves to the American culture, re-establishing all that was lost, and starting anew. But, most of all, it was the time of realizing the true meaning of love that could only come from God.

We, the Luong children, cherish these meaningful early moments of our lives as the most precious picture in our hearts now and forever.

Although the course of life has separated us from our benefactor, that longtime picture will never and ever blur of fade away in our minds. We pray that Almighty God bless Mr. Fulton for the great man once showed us what love was.



Alan Markowitz, M.D.
Dear Fulton Family,
I wanted to offer my deepest condolences to you over the loss of your husband and father. We became very fond of him over the almost six weeks that he was in our unit, and we were all impressed by the dignity of his family.

These situations are never easy, but you all comported yourselves very well and with a great deal of consideration, not only for your Mr. Fulton, but for the staff. We wanted him to come through this more than you can know, but it was not to be.

I send my warmest regards to your entire family.

With sincerest sympathy
Dr. Markowitz, co-chief of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at University Hospitals

Molly-(Surgical Intensive Care Unit) RN
There were several nights in my memory where Tom could not remember many things but he would say "Molly, I want to go home". It is amazing how time and age can make us forgetful but the important things we always remember. Tom, I am glad you are finally "home". It was my pleasure to have known you.
Heather Taylor (University Hospitals, SICU)
I would always say good morning mr.Fulton,and he would smile and say good morning,if he didn't say good morning and wave,I knew he didn't feel good.I will miss him so much it feels funny not having him here.I am so sorry for the family's loss.
Darlene Nadeau
Dear Mrs. Fulton and family,
My deepest condolences on the death of your husband. I never met you guys, but I always felt that Mr. Fulton was my patient too. I thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and if you need anything please do not hesitate to call. I will always be here!! Sincerely,
(Dr. Effron's Secretary)
Laurie Ferguson
I cared for Mr. Fulton in the SICU at UH only a few times, but I will always remember his calm disposition,quiet faith and especially love for his family. His face would light up any time a family member would come to visit--and he had such a wonderful smile!

The times I cared for him, I would come home and tell my roommate about the sweet man with such a lovely family that I worked with that day. It was truly a blessing and an honor to work with Mr. Fulton and your family.

He touched my heart and showed me what it is to have a life well-lived.

Our interactions may have been few, but the impact on my heart will remain forever

I am praying for your family during this time. Thank you for allowing me to know him and witness the love of such a family

God Bless,
Laurie Ferguson "the dancer"
Greg and Terri Schaefer
I am very sorry about your husband. Even though I did not know him, I DO know that he was a sweet man. Whenever I went to visit my dad, he would smile and wave to me as a walked toward his room. He was like sunshine on a dark day and always made me smile. Even though he did not make it, his smile gave me hope. The courage, strength and dignity her ahd your entire family showed during this time was remarkable. It has truly helped me handle the path my family is on.
Sincerely, Terri Shaefer
(Terri's Father was in the room next to Dad's in the UH SICU)
Mary Libens
I worked at Fulton & Goss from June of 1973 until December of 1982. I just looked at the picture of Tom captioned: "at Fulton & Goss after having been hit by a pie" and I don't think you could have picked a better representation of those years...

F&G was a job I'll never forget, and most of that had to do with the Fulton brothers. Who knew ,when I took the job, that one requirement would be that of writing a poem to go along with the Christmas gift exchange for the big party? We all soon found that, no matter how herculean our efforts, they would pale in comparison to those of Tom, John and Dave. Those were some pretty creative footsteps to have to follow in.

The biggest challenge would be if you drew one of their names - then you REALLY had to outdo yourself. We're talking "Beowulf-ish" proportions here, people....

I can see from this tribute that not much has changed in the past 20+ years. The world might be just a little higher tech than we were back then, but the spirit of TQ still shines through. Although I know you must all miss him terrbily, I hope you can take comfort in the fact that he certainly has left his mark on this world.
Rick Cyngier
The one factor in deciding to work for Fulton Financial was Tom’s character, and his commitment to the community. Knowing he was past President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Cleveland as I was, it brought about a lot of common traits we shared, as well as the “war” stories of Jaycee projects and politics. He earned the title “Dad” to a lot of us, because when I spoke with him, it was like sitting down with my Dad. He was one man who I have always considered a Mentor, and someone who I could emulate. He is in a happy place, the AHMIC Lake in the Sky.
Mortgage Loan Consultant
Union National Mortgage Company
Mary Londrico (Wilson)
I had the great pleasure of working for Tom in the mid 1980's. Tom made all of us feel as though we were part of a big family. I will always remember my first Christmas Party with the Fulton crew! Santa (Tom) was one of the highlights of the evening! When my daughter Alyssa and I both became ill with cancer in the late 90's Tom put both of us on his prayer list. We always looked forward to the Men's breakfast club letters. I feel blessed to have known Tom.
Tricia Meyer
Tom was my boss for several years when we both worked for Colwell Financial Corporation...our branches were in Indiana, mine in particular was in Indianapolis. During that time, we were not only working together,
but we became friends...also during this time I met David who eventually became my boss when we (our office) left Colwell and moved to Inland Mortgage Corporation.

Tom had a fantastic sense of humor, I have a wierd one! Maybe that's why we hit it off so well. Through the years we remained friends, harassing each other with jokes and oddities through faxes (he wasn't into computers
for a while) and finally through e-mails.

When he had one of his later operations (hip?) I asked him to send Jay (my husband) and I a picture before he finally turned himself into the bionic man and no longer be recognizable. That got me a two page e-mail response
about what he was going to end up being, that was hysterical! Wish I had saved it...it was pure Tom. I sent him back the picture of a bandaged up robot with his name on a nametag on it's chest, a superimposed 'Tom'
hairline on it's head. Fun stuff, a fun person!

I tried to keep in touch even when he was getting very ill...and miss knowing that he is just there! What a great person, friend...you are all so fortunate for his short time here!

God bless you all!

Kyle Moseman
I had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Fulton as a mortgage banking colleague and fellow fisherman for over 20 years. He was a real gentleman and a credit to our industry, as well as that rarity of rarities-an honest fisherman! I'll remember him fondly. I extend my sympathies to your family, and I hope that you will take comfort in knowing that Tom's life was a life well lived!
VP Mortgage Banking
Sutton Bank

Helen Wilson
The Fulton Financial Gang has lost its leader but the memories will be treasured forever. It was a privilege to work for Tom. He had a way of bringing out the best in people and encouraging them to be more than the thought they could be. He will be deeply missed

Rev. Maryla Meagher
Pastor, Valley Presbyterian Church

Dear All --
With the passing of a saint of the church, attention must be paid. And paying attention was something at which Tom excelled.

From the first day I met him, slightly over a year ago as I arrived at Valley Presbyterian as the new Pastor, I could always count on him, in his usual pew (close to the front ... something which other Presbyterians would imitate, this pastor would pray!), his eyes intense and usually sparkling, his face full of expression and you could tell his ears were listening as well.

He was one of the most encouraging people I have ever known. He'd give me honest feedback on the service/sermon and then encourage me to keep on "keepin'
on, because we need to hear it!" He made my call to Valley a much easier transition because of his presence and support, and yes, attention. As he grew sicker, I often missed him sitting in his spot. As I visited him in the hospital over the last years, he usually had that same great sparkle and attitude until he told me he was "tired and he wanted to go home."

Both he and I knew what he meant and we encouraged each other by recalling the faith by which he had lived and would soon live with God forever. His faith never wavered.

I want to thank Marty and all the siblings for allowing me to stay with him and them during those last hours and in that moment where he shed his earthly shell for a new body in heaven, I once again knew he was paying attention -- only not to us, but to God's voice saying, "well done, good and faithful servant, well done."

Tom, we miss you and mourn, as it is normal and natural to do, but then, we rejoice at God's goodness and your life eternal. Thank you for being a part of my life -- and Valley's.


Lois Annich
We just saw Tom Jr. in "South Pacific" a few weeks ago and I thought that I should call Marty and tell her how much we appreciate his work. (My daughter, Molly Israel, is an aspiring actress who has benefited from watching Tom and learning from him!) Little could I have imagined that I would be writing her a condolence note about Tom Sr. instead.

Some of the staff at Federated Church where I am the pastoral counselor were talking the other day about what a sweetheart he was and what a loss his passing is to the community. Thank goodness for this web site which stands as a testament to his life as a husband, father, grandfather, friend, and actor.

I recently ran across this quote which reminds me of Tom Sr. as I read through the chronicles of his life.

"I am a great believer in creativity. The art of living is the ultimate creative act. We are all practitioners of that, and we are all artists. We can start to learn how to be alive, not just by putting paint on a canvas in a painting, or writing a poem, or making a pot or a dance. But are we creating ourselves and our world every moment?" --Lama Surya Das

Mari Stanek Hageman
I just finished reading his family history. It was so touching to read about his early life in Cleveland Hts. Marty was our choir director in the early years at Valley Presbyterian Church in Bainbridge. Choir was a lot of fun as Valley seemed to have loads of young kids, and we often went to area churches to sing. Ken Oldman was also involved in the youth choirs. Anyway, at some point in those days , I had Tom as my Sunday school teacher. As you may or may not know he taught us the way to remember the first four books of the new Testament....Matthew, Mark,Luke and John held the horse while I got on! We loved it and I never forgot the rhyme.

The other thing that I'd like to relate is more recent. About a year ago, while in church , Tom was on my right,then next to him was Ed Boyle. Ed had just gotten a defribrelator in his chest. During the sermon,Tom and I heard a strange buzzing noise, we looked over to see if Ed was recieving a shock. He seemed okay, but then there was another buzz and another after that. Finally I realized the sound was coming from Tom's pocket. It was his new cell phone, on vibrate!!! We had a good laugh after church and tried to explain to Ed how glad we were that it wasn't his new medical device malfounctioning! I loved your Dad and know that he is at rest. Fondly, Mari Stanek Hageman

Buzz & Lin (Fulton) Wilson
We have known the Fulton's through VPC for approximately 30 years.
My maiden name is Fulton and frequently Tom and I would see if we could place a connection between the families.I am from the Pittsburgh area and we could not arrive at a relationship but we still had fun calling each other "cousin." Our thoughts and sympathy are with the family.

Sunny & Bob Doxey
Dear Marty and everyone,
When we think of Tom, our hearts laugh and at the same time feel his loving touch. He, and you,too, Marty have had a major impact on our lives. We remember how he supported all your efforts, Marty, on behalf of the Luongs or whatever other project you deemed important! We also were privileged to watch his sparkle in action as a guest in your home, or celebrating at the weddings of his children. We shared his faith journey at VPC and struggled right along with him.

We served on Session with him and watched his gentle leadership in action. We even laughed at our somewhat similar health issues--those that made us less "appealing." We
saw him as one of God's special people and cherish his friendship and his life as it touched ours and all of those around him. We are thankful for the privilege of knowing him.
Our love to all of you

Dick and Sue Doughman
Valley Presbyterian Church
We were very sorry to hear about Tom. He was truly one of the finest people one could ever know. He always had such a positive attitude. He will be missed.

Lynn Randall
As I prepare to travel back to Cleveland and say my final goodbye, I just had to say thank you to Mr. Fulton for touching my life, and the lives of my children in such a beautiful way while we lived in Bainbridge.

How very fortunate we were to have had the opportunity to get to know such a wonderful man. I'm so glad that we all have such a special angel in heaven watching over us. I'll always miss you, but will always smile thinking of you
Anne Randall
Dear Fulton Family..What a wonderful tribute to your father. I so enjoyed reading and learning about that terrific guy Tom Fulton. Lately, we had been meeting at Medic. As we waited for the prescriptions we'd chat about poor health, his and Eddie's, and catch up on family news.

One memory..I was a "spotty" VPC attendee and from time to time would try to sneak in for a service..NEVER did I make it past Tom. And each time he'd give me a little jab about the roof caving in or something.

What I will carry with me about my friendship with Tom Fulton are those black smiling eyes, his infectuous grin and his ability to make me feel good just having been in his company.


Bill Nelson M.D.
Tom was a helluva guy! Wonderful smile, tremendous sense of humor. I'll always remember fishing on lake Ahmic with Tom. Fabulous experience! He knew every square inch of the lake, or so it seemed! We traded stories.

His jokes were truly great, his laugh contagious. He had a remarkable personality, the most enthusiastic and wholehearted I've ever known! I'll miss this bright, friendly, upbeat fishing buddy.

My very best wishes to Marty and all the kids.
Rodney Lisembee
I am so sorry to hear about your father. Mine passed several years ago and I still remember the feelings of loss. My prayers are with you.
Chris Kitzman, Shaun and Rory Johnson
Dear Ann,
All three of us were saddened to hear of all you've been going through these last weeks on the path to finally having to say goodbye to your dad.

It's one of life's huge changes, and a long, slow adjustment. We all remember Tom's warmth in opening his Canada "spot" to us. I wish we could have seen him a few more times; such a likable guy! We send you big hugs & lots of empathy. And of course, we ask that you pass our sympathy along to the kids & Pat too.
Deborah Humes and family
I am so sorry for your loss. It is through the eyes of Tom's daughter, Janet, that I have been fortunate to come to know him in a small way. Janet and I are colleagues and dear friends at The John Cooper School. Each time she spoke of her father, it was with great love and affection. Tom's love of life, his family, and his friends will be celebrated far beyond Ohio.

Prayers to the entire Fulton family.

Sally Banham
My love to you, Marty, Tom, Janet, Joan, Ann, Jane, and Bob, and shared sorrow for your great loss. We have so many memories - including the pleasure of living in the house you built in Lake Lucerne, having Fulton babysitters on many occasions, being fortunate to have enjoyed trips and wonderful visits to "the cottage", and to be able to call you all "friends". Recently, I especially enjoyed hearing Tom's voice as I listened to the radio broadcast. It always stimulated the memories of our families' friendship.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers as you grieve the loss of a beautiful and very special human being.

God be with you.

Lindsay Randall
Gibsonia PA
Throughout all of my years in Bainbridge I had been very close to  Katie, and the Wegener family. I was first introduced to Mr. Fulton when I was in middle school and I will never forget what a loving, jovial, and amazing person he was. Over the years I became close with him through my days of basically living in the Wegener household--especially for Mrs. Wegener's cooking. I still remember the conversations that we had, and how he treated me as if I really was part of his family.

One of the best times of my life was when I went to Canada with Katie. I will never forget how we used to go out and fish with Mr. Fulton and how he would always put my worm on my hook for me because I was too squeemish.   And I think Katie can agree that it was pretty comical when I couldn't hold one of the "crappies" for a picture so Mr. Fulton laughed and took the fish for me. I've always loved that picture.

I have so many memories with this family, and I've always loved Mr. Fulton like he was my own grandpa. He was always there to listen to me when I needed to talk, and he was always concerned when Katie and I would come home in bad moods. On top of this, I always got so excited when we'd see him at the Kenston football games.

Mr. Fulton's personality, and his wonderful being, has made a huge impact on myself and I will continue to look to him as an inspiration as to who I want to become. I only wish that there were more opportunities to get to know such an incredible man.

I love and miss you Grandpa Fulton.
My love and wishes go out to the family (especially Katie, I love you, and
you've been amazing).

Trina Gigax
I met Tom just a few times at various Ensemble gatherings. Marty and my husband, Bruce, both sing in the Ensemble. It was very comforting to me to have another Spouse to talk with while all the music types chatted. Tom was so sweet and gentle, he reminded me of my husband. We will miss him. Our prayers to all family members, especially Marty.

Terri Hadlock
I grew up with the Fulton family - went to school and church with Janet and Joan. My own father left my family when I was 7, and I often
would wish my dad was around, and that he might be like Mr. Fulton. It was always so evident that he loved his family; he was kind, tolerant (even through those teen years!), and seemed to be constantly smiling.

As an adult, I saw Mr. Fulton often at church, where he was still constantly smiling, even through his health problems. He was always full of news of his family, still kind, still tolerant. And recently, it occurred to me what it was about Mr. Fulton that was so evident and appealing - his pride in and unconditional love for his family.  A rare trait, and tremendous blessing, which must make his loss so much greater. I'm so sorry.

Linda and Bill Hein
We have a very special place in our hearts for Mr. Fulton. His kind smile would lighten up anyone's heart. He would look you in the eye and REALLY make you feel special. We all know who the special one really was!!!

It has been a pleasure to have had such a wonderful person as a part of our growing up and a part of our adult lives. It's now God's turn to have such a special person close by!
Love, The Hein's

Jimmy Morgan
As a fellow volunteer at FM 91.5 , I never saw Tom without a smile
on his face - even when struggling with the crossword puzzle between the
weather reports. We will miss him as will his many listeners.
Maud Holm
To the Fulton Family...
I wish you peace, solace and God's blessings upon you all. I am at my own mother's bedside now so I know the tender moments you shared and carry them in my heart, too. It is a wonderful thing, the mind--as is the heart. Thomas Sr. will always reside in both places so he will remain with you forever.

God's peace...I don't know you but it doesn't matter...

Tisha Eisenhuth
My deepest sympathies for the family during this difficult time.

*May his "peace which passes all understanding guard your hearts and minds
in Christ Jesus"
-Philippians 4:7

Betty and George Lynch
We were so sorry to hear of Tom' death. So many thoughts of good times at Ahmic flashed thru our minds when we heard of your loss. Tom was a great guy, always a smile and so much fun to be with. He enjoyed life and infected the people around him with his joy.

We send our sympathy to you and all your children and want you to know that Tom will always have place in our hearts.
(Betty and George, longtime Chagrinites, share the beauty and magic of Ahmic Lake at their beautiful cottage across from an island we have dubbed "Picnic Rock" where we often gathered for Sunday picnics.)

Ann and Gil Meyers
Even though our paths have not crossed since I baby-sat for Bobby in our home in Lake Lucerne back in the late 60's, I am saddened to learn of Tom's hospital stay and ultimate passing. I have been attending Federated Church so I see you there for a distance and know you will be comforted by Hamilton and his staff. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Dave and Lou Butz
memory: Dear, dear Marty,
Such a long ordeal for all of you! We pray that God's love will continue to uphold you during this time of adjustment. May you find peace and comfort. Fondly,
Judith Albert

Dear Marty - I'm so sorry he's gone. He and I had so much fun gabbing in the hot tub at CVAC. I was so delighted that you were his wife.

My thoughts, prayers and love are with you and your entire family. With deepest sympathy.

Paul and Kathy Neidhardt
Dear Marty and Family,
Your name was listed in the Fellowship of Prayer section of the bulletin yesterday. We prayed for you. I do so again now.

Consider this from Psalm 57:
"Be merciful to me, O Lord, be merciful to me. For my soul trusts in Thee And in the shadow of your wings I will make my refuge until this calamity has passed me by."

There is a reunion ahead of you with unimaginable joy and it lasts FOREVER!|

Yours in Christ
Cory Kovach
Mr. Fulton,
Although I only got to spend one week with you and your family at Ahmic Lake, I became very close to you. You are one of the kindest and most genuine men that I have ever met. You made me feel as if I was apart of the family and all the Ahmic Lake traditions. I deeply appreciate the hospitality and kindness you expressed towards me. Thank you for the amazing memories.