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     To the children on his 75th Birthday - written in October of 2000
(Around May 1, 2005)
Dear Susan,

So nice to hear from you. You may want your school year to be over but it has gone so fast I find it hard to believe you are finishing your freshman year. Sounds like you have great plans for the summer and have made some good friends while at school. That's what you always will remember about your college days.

We had a great two days with your Mom. I put her to work in the yard with Jane on Saturday and I think they enjoyed it and they got a lot done. We went to my church on Sunday for the first service and then quickly drove to grandma's church for the second service so your Mom is full of religion now. Went to Tom's house in the afternoon and had a nice time and meal with them.You are aware of this but your Mom is a wonderful person and it is so much fun to have her around. I am sorry you won't be in Canada but I am looking forward to another visit with your Mom amd also with your Dad this summer.

As I write this letter it is snowing hard in Chagrin Falls. It won't stick but the sight of it makes me want the last ten days back. I envy you having to look forward to Myrtle Beach soon.

You may have heard that Sarah pledged a sorority at Ohio State. She knew a few girls who had pleged Tri Delt and they asked her to join them at a couple of their parties. She evidently like the girls and when they asked her to pledge she said yes. She will not live in the house since she has a nice apartment for next year which is just down the street from the Tri Delt House. She is home this weekend and we are going over to see her tomorrow.

We are still planning to go to Denver in the middle of May to see Ann and to attend Dylans graduation. He has been accepted at The University of Northern Colorado which has an exceptional music program and there are one of two teachers there that he has taken instruction from in some of the camps he has attended.We will be there the day you arrive so mavbe you and your Dad can stop at Ann's the night you arrive and we can have a visit. I hope so.

Well keep up the good work Honey. Everyone is very proud of you and keep having a good time even if you have to study hard because the next three years will go before you know it.

Love Gramps